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In November of 2010, was founded The Association of Medical Tourism in Quintana Roo, Medical Travel AC. non-profit Civil Association, in accordance with current laws, acting jointly with a group of doctors, owners of hospitals and clinics, who had been given the task of promoting the growth and strengthening of medical tourism due to the increase in demand for this service that has already reached 60,000 patients per year, representing a major step in the positioning of Mexico for the attention of national and international patients, making Cancun the best place in the world to recover and conserve health since despite the hospitable touristic offer, now lets at your disposal its first-level hospitals fulfilled of high technology, modern and comfortable facilities, and a last generation medical infrastructure that gives you high quality attention, prompt and timely, accredited and certified by national and international institutions, such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the General Council of Health in Mexico linked to the Federal Commission to the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (also known in Spanish as COFEPRIS) federal entity created in order to supervise the performance of spas, hotels, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics both in the private and public sector.

In the past, it was believed that traveling to another country to receive quality medical care was only for economically upper classes, today it is possible accessing to it, since in Mexico, alternatives in different procedures are offered with very low prices in comparison to the ones paid in their countries of origin.

There are many good reasons to opt for a fertility medical treatment in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, the warm weather and the clean and clear atmosphere of this wonderful and heavenly tourist destination provide to the patient, national as well as international, the relaxing and calmness mood necessary before, during and after getting into any assisted reproduction procedure. Whether it is a check, a diagnosis or a delicate surgical procedure, relaxation its changed into faster recovery and health, Fertility Center Cancun knows that the psychic and emotional state of our patients is very important and relaxation is a key factor at the time of submitting to any of our assisted reproductive procedures.

In Fertility Center Cancun added to your medical treatment, you will receive support and assistance in the setting of your itinerary, in the proper selection of your hotel or recovery centre, guidance on transportation, currency exchange and we will also advise you on the various activities arising from their personal needs, in addition for your companion who will also have our support in order to facilitate their stay, because in Fertility Center Cancun, your welfare and the realization of your dream, giving birth a beautiful and healthy baby is our priority