IVF in Natural Cycle

Breaking walls, assisting nature so it can go on.

High Complexity Treatments

IVF with high pregnancy rates in Mexico.

IVF in Natural Cycle is a holistic approach to In Vitro Fecundation treatments. Treatment consists in a really narrow follow up of the ovarian cycle without the use of any medication; by this mode we capture the ovule produced in natural way, knowing that this ovule is of the best quality and has greater possibilities of producing a pregnancy.

This treatment alternative is for those people who wish to decrease their exposal to drugs that increase ovule releasing – from which they will never produce more, not even with medication – or simply cannot afford the expenses of a conventional IVF treatment.

Which are the IFV in Natural Cycle Advantages?

This procedure is indicated for women with low ovarian response to stimulation, tubal disease and women older than 38 years old with high FSH or low ovarian reserve. This option is a really good alternative to conventional IVF, as it tends to increase success possibilities and significantly decreases the malaise and economical wear. This option is seek generally by women with no ovarian problems who want to avoid medication that may produce Hyperstimulation Ovarian Syndrome (HOS) and wish to go through the most natural therapeutic experience.

Who is candidate to this procedure?

  • Women who wish to avoid hormonal therapy.
  • Women with a tendency to develop Hyperstimulation Ovarian Syndrome.
  • Women who produce 1-3 ovules, even when hormonally induced.
  • Women that produce good quality embryos but have never correctly implanted.