Preserve your fertility for indefinite time

Embryo and Ovule Vitrification

Preserve your fertility for indefinite time

Vitrification or quick freezing is the most recent technology for embryo preservation, giving a survival rate of 95% after unfreezing, allowing them to preserve their vitality and fertility for the time in which the patient considers pertinent. There are multiple reasons why a patient may be postponing the pregnancy, from not having a reliable couple to undergoing a work situation or medical concerns, such as cancer treatment.

Happy Couple - Cryopreservation

How is this procedure performed?

In Fertility Center Cancun we have a group of experts equipped with the most advanced technology in ovule and embryo vitrification and freezing systems 600 fold faster than conventional; this allows to achieve an even more efficient process, taking the temperature to under -195° C (-319°F) in less than minutes, which reduces the crystal formation in the crust giving us a higher rate of hoped pregnancy success.

Ovule Preservation

This process requires a controlled ovarian hyper stimulation with the aim to obtain the highest number of ovules and achieve extraction through a punction and posterior vitrification, this way the woman can decide when to devitrify her ovules, doesn’t matter if it is because of social, economic or working reasons, and proceed to a conventional pregnancy using IVF / ICSI.
This procedure is achieved through hormonal treatment and strict echo graphic controls in the women, through those, the precise moment of ovulation can be calculated and she can be prepared for the extraction. This process takes place in Fertility Center OR and it takes only about 30 minutes under sedation, and the woman can be medically discharged in no longer than 2 to 3 hours.

Semen Preservation

This process is used to maintain fertility in men as well as in women. It allows us to conserve sperm indefinitely, giving you the possibility to utilize them in the future for much the same reasons as women, such as social, medical or work complications. The process of vitrification of sperm is basically the same process that is used with ovules, by dropping the temperature to -195° C (-319° F), with the sperm contained in a medium of liquid nitrogen. This guarantees sperm conservation for the time that a patient desires.

Who do we recommend this process to?

  • Women without a partner.
  • Women, who for various reasons, decide to postpone motherhood.
  • Women with cancer that are going to undergo chemotherapy.
  • Women who undergo various cycles of In Vitro Fertilization.