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Many are the benefits associated with the medical tourism in assisted reproduction, in Fertility Center Cancun, we want to share with you the answers to the most frequent questions our patients have expressed to us in order to guide you and support you in making this important decision.

Accreditations and certifications in Medical Tourism for Assisted Reproduction

In Fertility Center Cancun we put at your disposal all the information and tools that support us.

If you have arrived at our web site is because you are investigating several alternatives between countries that have become creditors of a good reputation when it comes to Medical Tourism in Assisted Reproduction, it is worth mentioning that each country has its own license and certification protocol and that they may vary in relation to the existing in the country where you are, as it would be very difficult for you to travel to each country to meet the different hospitals and doctors and make sure personally the viability of these in Fertility Center Cancun we put at your disposal all the information and tools that support us and thus facilitate your research in terms of the services our fertility clinic offers to you and can thus have the assurance of the prestige that we enjoy and that we positively credited in the world in assisted reproduction.

Back home after treatment in assisted reproduction the patient of medical tourism in assisted reproduction has in its hands to reduce health risks during the return trip to his country.

The fear of a complication of health during the trip back home after having a procedure in assisted reproduction is a very natural concern that may arise and may significantly influence when making a decision as to move abroad in search of treatment, especially if you travel a great distance and traveled for several hours.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend the following:
  • Strictly follow the directions your doctor has given you before leaving home.
  • Get up and walk every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Exercise your legs while sitting.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid eating products containing alcohol or caffeine, and not smoking.

They are indications of vital importance but simple and easy to observe that they will give you, medical tourism patient, the calmness that the assisted reproduction procedure that you have submitted will come to fruition, you have at your fingertips reduce health risks during the return trip to his country.

Care at home

What will happen if it is to come to have a health problem, having returned home?

If you have followed to the letter the instructions that the specialist has given Fertility Center Cancun to his departure, there is no reason to think of a complication.

Probably you have already received medical care in your country of origin and has been your gynecologist who has recommended you to undergo a treatment of assisted reproduction, so once you have taken the decision to serve abroad it is advisable to establish communication before splitting between your Gynecologist (or GP) and our specialist in assisted reproduction which can be very positive for various reasons since the history of their state of health and your clinical history may be shared and consulted for a better understanding of their health in general and criteria among both specialists unified for a better choice on the procedure that you use in your particular case.

In Fertility Center Cancun, our specialist doctors in assisted reproduction maintain close contact with medical tourism patients who have placed their trust in us, so you should feel comfortable if you require to contact us. While establishing contact with us, you will receive our full attention and if necessary we will provide guidance on medicines you should take or the specialists you should consult, our specialists in assisted reproduction are in the best position to engage in professional communication through a telephone calls with the doctor of your choice in place of residence, our purpose is to generate you trust that contributes to your recovery, peace of mind and emotional balance.

You can combine your medical tourism in reproduction with the recreational tourism.

The main reason for his trip is to undergo a medical procedure.

The most important thing about this is not lose sight of the main goal of his trip, submit to a procedure of assisted reproduction, which is always a delicate matter, so you must rest enough and not to participate in activities requiring you an exaggerated effort, in the case of a place like Cancun in where the main attractions are its beautiful beaches its radiant Sun and water sports are a constant, it is very important you measured it, you can enjoy a quiet walk on the beach in the early hours of the morning when the Sun is more subdued in what can be very healthy, sit in the shade to read a book or simply watch the sea and focus on the places that tells of a culture new to you, it can be very rewarding and relaxing, since this is one of the motivating aspects of medical tourism for assisted reproduction, in addition to offering affordable prices.

On your next recreational vacation consider exploratory visits in order to collect information on what Fertility Center Cancun has to offer in relation to the medical tourism for assisted reproduction, will be happy to assist you.

In Fertility Center Cancun your dream of giving birth to a baby is a reality.