Fertility Center Cancun: First Time Visit

How to begin IVF treatment in Mexico?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Assisting reproduction in couples with infertility issues

If your partner and you have tried to conceive a baby for a long time and have not succeeded, it is time to ask for help. To know and understand the infertility causes and factors that cause it is the beginning of ‘knowing’ the fertility treatment that suits you the best and for that matter Fertility Center Cancun has highly qualified and specialized gynecologists in infertility and assisted reproduction in Mexico. Contact us, it will be a pleasure to hear your case.

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First time consultation with the fertility doctor

Your first time consultation with the assigned fertility doctor is not different than any other gynecological consultation. You and the fertility doctor will analyze your medical history and you will be required to answer some questions regarding your infertility story. At this time the information provided to the doctor will be very useful.

Who must attend the consultation and what should they bring?

Surely, during your first consultation, the fertility doctor will require tests results, sperm analysis and bloodwork. This will help him to diagnose and choose the best approach to your fertility treatment accurately. If you have undergone these tests in the past, is necessary for you to let your fertility doctor know. In case you have these tests already, please bring them along with you. At that very moment, the fertility doctor will help you solve all your doubts about fertility and your treatments. As well, during your treatment, you’ll have a personal assistant whom you’ll be able to count on any moment and will provide all the necessary information about your options and the steps to follow.

Evaluation, diagnose and treatment

After the first consultation and after having carried out the required analyzes, the doctor and your consultant will provide you with the treatment plan for your case and the corresponding medication. In most cases the treatments usually last two to three months depending on your situation and the evolution of the proposed plan. During this period, your consultant will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the medications and services of the clinic as well as transfers and accommodations in Cancun, when necessary. Your medical consultant will advise you on the choice of donors, if this is the chosen option, and in case any medical issue arises during your treatment at home. This will be communicated directly to the specialist in assisted reproduction.

Beginning of your treatment

Once your specialist has all your necessary information a fertility treatment will be determined as well as the medications that you will use. If needed, a sperm analysis will allow us to evaluate the sperm concentration and detect possible abnormalities.

How much does an assisted reproduction treatment costs?

As the consultation comes to an end, our medical consultants will provide the corresponding budget plan with the reproduction method that best suits you, as well as, the medication plan and any further analysis that is required for each particular case.