Assisted Reproduction in Mexico

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Here at Fertility Center Cancun, we perform a series of procedures that provide couples the possibility of having an own child. There are different methods to accomplish this; selection is reached after performing all the corresponding tests to both parts of the couple and evaluating the possible results and implications.

In our fertility clinic we put to your disposition all the equipment and human professionalism that will make your dream come true. Between the most used methods we have the followings:

Artificial Insemination

This technique consists in the direct colocation of the spermatozoids in the uterus after they are processed in our laboratories. This technique increases the possibilities of pregnancy when an induced ovulation is performed and also in cases of mild low sperm quality or infertility of unknown origin. Artificial insemination can be achieved with the couple’s sperm and/or when it cannot be recovered there is the alternative of searching for an anonym donor.

In Vitro Fertilization

This procedure is performed most of the times and is recommended when there is sperm insufficiency, when there is any kind of bilateral obstruction in the female or when artificial fecundation fails. This procedure consists in the direct capture of ovules, with fecundation afterwards by diverse laboratory techniques.