Timed Intercourse

Towards reaching a dream, Become a parent.

Low complexity treatments

Procedures to achieve pregnancy.

In this non-invasive low complexity procedure, we aim to identify the date of ovulation, moment in which the ovary releases an ovule making the encounter with the spermatozoids easier, the ideal occasion for the couple to encounter in the closest of the hugs (intercourse) resulting in a pregnancy. Timed intercourse is the procedure recommended for young couples who have not yet been trying for a long time, an in whom no preliminary alterations which can difficult the procreation were found. There are two ways of performing this process.
coito programado
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Without ovarian stimulation:

The natural growth of the follicle and ovarian cycle is followed up by transvaginal ultrasound and the dates of between couple intercourse are programed in order to reassure the sufficient amount of spermatozoids in the female reproductive system during the evolution.
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With ovarian stimulation:

It follows the same steps than in the previous, but drugs are administrated in order to cooperate with the ovulation (ovulation induction) or to achieve a multiple ovulation (ovarian stimulation) and this way, the chances of succeeding in the treatment are increased.

How to achieve the best results?

Is important that before beginning this procedure is necessary to know the couple’s age and their general health state, for which they will be required to perform an evaluation through laboratory tests.

Requirements to become a candidate to this procedure:

  • Women with age below 30 years old.
  • Rule out any possible uterus malformations through an ultrasound.
  • Rule out any possible pathology through an ultrasound.
  • Haven’t previously realized any reproduction treatment.
  • Normal semen.
  • Fallopian tubes permeability.