Mini IVF or Soft IVF

Mini IVF in Cancun, Mexico

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High success rates for in vitro fertilization in Mexico

Mini IVF is a fertility treatment in which the female patient’s ovarian stimulation is performed applying a minimal dose of hormone medication to be stimulated with the purpose of reducing the secondary effects of the high hormone concentration and to increase the quality of the retrieved eggs for their fertilization.

Happy Couple - Mini IVF or Soft IVF


  • As less dose of medication is prescribed, the less the cost of medication it will be as it lowers the cost considerably as the main purpose is to obtain 2 to 3 good quality eggs in each egg retrieval.
  • As all the eggs are fertilized and the purpose is for us to transfer all of the embryos, the cryopreservation cost is eliminated.
  • To use less hormone medication, the female patient requires less visits to the clinic, making the procedure more convenient.


  • As we retrieve a lower number of eggs, the treatments success probabilities could be less than the expected, which is why this technique is recommended for patients with a very good ovarian factor prognosis.

Mini IVF for whom is this treatment indicated?

  • Women less than 35 years old that have a very good ovarian reserve.
  • Patients with higher ovarian hypersensibility.
  • Women that have performed conventional IVF procedures where they have presented an excessive increase to the ovarian response.
  • Patients with a different infertility diagnose than ovarian factor.
  • Women that are low responders to ovarian stimulation medication.