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How is this procedure performed?

We know that the patients that had been able to achieve pregnancy through some Assisted Reproduction Technique, had been through some difficult and emotional stress, such as the fear of something wrong during the pregnancy, this iis why in Fertility Center Cancun we have and experimented team of specialists in our Maternal-Fetal care Medicine Unit, just dedicated themselves to achieve the best results and with no complications, on that your most precious dream. Nonetheless, there are some cases that due to hereditary or pre-existent factors, may complicate this period, and to set a start on a series of events that may unchain certain conditions defined as high risk pregnancy in the baby or the mother which takes a control of this fundamental.

¿How often do I have to visit my doctor once I get pregnant?

Is fundamental that every pregnant woman (either by natural conception or any other fertility treatment) follows a prenatal control checkups, within the first 3 months of pregnancy, that is why we recommend to visit any of our doctors when you find out you are pregnant.

In this period of pregnancy is suggested for you to visit your doctor in a periodic manner, and please bear in mind that if you are over 35 years old or have a high risk pregnancy, the visit may come more often than usual.

  • First 6 months of pregnancy once per month.
  • From month 7 to 8 every 2 weeks.
  • Month 9 once every week.

Please remember that in Fertility Center Cancun we are here to help you during all the process to make you a mother, and we wish to live this experience next to you, providing you human touch, professional attention, and everything you deserve, from our personnel, whom will guide you through this step by step and answer all of your questions, contact us.