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    Our fertility articles have been written by reproductive specialists and cover a wide variety of information about infertility and treatment options.

    Affordable prices for in vitro fertilization in Cancun

    Travel to Cancun to receive your fertility treatment, plus affordable prices, translate to multiple advantages, among which, one must not loose from sight, is the benefit that comes from a relaxing vacation and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Cancun, while you advance in your in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, which could become a fascinating and enriching experience.

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    Medical tourism for assisted reproduction in Mexico

    Many are the benefits associated with the medical tourism in assisted reproduction, in Fertility Center Cancun, we want to share with you the answers to the most frequent questions our patients have expressed to us in order to guide you and support you in making this important decision.


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    Certification in Medical Tourism in Assisted Reproduction

    Fertility Center Cancun, medical tourism in assisted reproduction put at your disposal all the information and tools that support us. Mexico is among the countries that have earned a good reputation regarding to medical tourism in assisted reproduction, in Fertility Center Cancun.

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    Fertility Center Cancun Medical Tourism

    Travelling abroad to receive a treatment of assisted reproduction is all a project which needs lots of planning, organisation and determination, fortunately this effort is comparable to the benefits you receive, the simply “change of scenery” as we say in Mexico is already in itself an accurate step, in the case of health and welfare…

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    Medical Fertility Tourism

    In November of 2010, was founded The Association of Medical Tourism in Quintana Roo, Medical Travel AC. non-profit Civil Association, in accordance with current laws, acting jointly with a group of doctors, owners of hospitals and clinics, who had been given the task of promoting the growth and strengthening of medical tourism…

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