Affordable prices for in vitro fertilization in Cancun

Affordable prices for in vitro fertilization in Cancun

At Fertility Center Cancun we have affordable prices for in vitro fertilization (ivf) procedures

Successful IVF Treatments in Mexico

Affordable IVF in Mexico

Travel to Cancun to receive your fertility treatment, plus affordable prices, translate to multiple advantages, among which, one must not loose from sight, is the benefit that comes from a relaxing vacation and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Cancun, while you advance in your in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, which could become a fascinating and enriching experience. Your stay in Cancun would need to be between sixteen and twenty days, we suggest for you to consult with your doctor in your own country to know which procedure is recommended for you, and in this manner reduce the length of your stay in Cancun. Please inquire with Fertility Center Cancun for further information about our procedures and pricing, we will gladly share them with you. At Fertility Center Cancun, there are no hidden costs, step by step you will be kept up to date.

At Fertility Center Cancun, we are aware of the sadness, discouragement and frustration that affects those who suffer from infertility; these reasons, along with the high economic cost that some of the assisted reproductive treatments may cost in your own country, is why we give to you affordable prices for in vitro fertilization (IVF), along with our diligence, enthusiasm and experience to assist and accompany you every step of this process in search of successful results that will lead you to the realization of your most longed for dream, to have a new life in your arms.

Mexico owes its increase of Medical Tourism visitors for Assisted Reproduction, basically because the infrastructure and salaries in this country are lower than in the United States, Canada and England. Currently there exist many countries that have different laws which do not permit assisted reproduction procedures. In Cancun, Mexico, the legal question and cost, do not represent a problem, another determining factor is the fact that physicians in this country are not obligated to fund the exorbitant costs for medical negligence insurance that are required in other countries of the world, which contributes to a substantial increase in price. The difference of the Mexican peso compared to other, more developed countries’ currencies, directly influences the pricing, this fact, by itself, facilitates the international patient’s access to top-notch medical attention, comparable in quality and at a more accessible price than what they will find in the United States, Canada or Europe for the variety of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures available in Mexico. An example is the cost of IVF with gender selection, which is a procedure that enjoys great prestige, Fertility Center Cancun offers this opportunity among its assisted reproduction procedures at a very accessible price and with the possibility of a payment plan.

In the United States and Canada, insurance plans do not cover in vitro fertilization procedures, a United States or Canadian citizen would have to pay around $20,000 US dollars for a procedure of this nature, this amount could increase considerably if the additional cost of the medication was not mentioned beforehand or in specific cases when additional testing may be needed, for example an ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) or a PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis).

There is a very high success rate with in vitro fertilization that is directly related to the age of women younger than 35, which is when there is better egg quality, and in the case of women that are older than this age, IVF effectiveness has increased thanks to the possibility of having an egg donor.

For the international patient that decides to travel to Mexico to receive medical attention, the transportation, lodging and meal costs are lower than what would be spent for the same services in the patient’s own country. It is worth mentioning that at Fertility Center Cancun, we pride ourselves on the quality of the service that we offer our medical tourism fertility patients, for whom, besides our affordable prices in IVF procedures, we have established special arrangements with certain hotels, which helps to reduce even more the total cost for those who put their preference and trust in our clinic, that is equipped with the most modern technology, our procedures are always on the forefront and our doctors are specialized in hospitality and personal care.