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Travelling abroad to receive a treatment of assisted reproduction is all a project which needs lots of planning, organisation and determination, fortunately this effort is comparable to the benefits you receive, the simply “change of scenery” as we say in Mexico is already in itself an accurate step, in the case of health and welfare, getting out of the routine and breaking vicious circles is the way to give ourselves the opportunity to renew our inspiration to continue with the race to achieve our goals or desires, in our prestigious assisted reproduction clinic Fertility Center Cancun, Medical Tourism for the fertility in Cancun project, we want take part in this conquer putting at your disposal all the necessary elements, so that we can reach your cherished goal, to have a baby.

This are just a few tips we want to share with you, perhaps you are an experienced traveler, and much of what we share here is now of your dominance, but despite this there are some specific considerations that may help you to eliminate as much as possible the stress that your new experience of medical tourist may give you.

If you are an international traveler make sure that all your documents such as passport, visa, vaccination certificate, insurance policies, are in force and at hand, this with the objective that you have enough time to update them promptly in case they have expired, we also recommend to photocopy each of your documents in case of theft or lost.

If you have already received in your city or country a treatment of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination, intracytoplasmic injection (ICS) or any other fertility treatment, we ask you to please bring with you all analyses, ultrasounds, scanner, and laboratory tests to which has been submitted, they will be very useful to complement the information about your case.

In Fertility Center Cancun, we have some suggestions to give you referred to hosting, the most recommendable hotels are the ones close to our clinic, those hotels are in the city rather than in the beach, but the advantage of these hotels is that you can go and come even walking, but here we should make also another recommendation, the sun in Cancun at some specific hours of the day is so strong that could damage your skin so we recommend you to include in your luggage powerful sunscreens, sunglasses, shoes and hats. When the Sun has disappeared, by the afternoon and evening you will need repellent to insects. It is very important to make your reservations for air, land transport and lodging in advance. Please contact us to receive information on the preferential tariffs that Fertility Center Cancun has with some hotels. If leaning for a beachfront hotel, Cancun has more than 100 hotels among which you can choose.

We suggest you to search on your cellphone company, cost and operating out of your country. Use credit and debit cards for managing your money, only separate a little cash for transportation, some simple meals and gratuities, here in Cancun you will have at your disposal a great number of electronic ATM and money exchange. It is preferable to travel with little jewellery or without it because loosing it may cause on you feelings of concern and anger, and it is important for your hormonal and in vitro fertilization to keep a state of mind of tranquility and happiness.

We remind you that you are in Cancun for a treatment of assisted reproduction, to achieve pregnancy, so that the dynamic of your stay will need to be very different, you can enjoy the sun and sea but very sparingly, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, this time you can not tan yourself, you should not participate in strenuous activities and much less extreme water sports, food will require your attention, now more than ever should be very healthy, balanced and without irritants, choose everything that will give you peace of mind and relaxation.

It will be very positive for your assisted reproduction treatment that you travel with a companion in addition to your company, to provide you support, and make available a few days more to rest and leisure, and if it is possible choose homecoming trip in first class, this is an ideal time to take care and pamper yourself.

In Fertility Center Cancun Medical Tourism, we are waiting for you, come to us, it will be a pleasure to answer their questions and concerns.