IVF Success Rates in Mexico

Affordable prices for In Vitro Fertilization treatments in Cancun.

Successful IVF Treatments in Mexico

Affordable IVF in Mexico

At Fertility Center Cancun, we have achieved high rates of pregnancy using IVF, reducing the number of attempts and their high costs.

The factors that directly affect the achievement of pregnancy through IVF (in-vitro fertilization) are, to start with, the age of the women and how her body responds to the medications that are needed to stimulate it to optimize ovulation. An important factor is also the quality of the woman’s eggs (ovules), as well as the quality of the man’s sperm, and the number and quality of embryos that are successfully implanted into the uterus.

Assisted reproduction procedures utilizing IVF have contributed to 3.5 million women achieving their most longed for dream of bringing a new life into the world.

In the USA, Canada, and Europe an infertility treatment can be extremely expensive. At Fertility Center Cancun, to realize the dream of holding your baby in your arms is possible without going bankrupt, because our costs are 50% less and depending on the individual case, up to 70% less.

Mexico is considered as the assisted reproduction medical tourism destination with the highest success rates of in-vitro fertilization.

At Fertility Center Cancun, we combine IVF with other, additional methods of assisted reproduction, thus helping women older than 35 to be able to achieve conception successfully. Contact us, out medical specialists will, with great pleasure, discuss and elaborate on this information, as well as speak with you in relation to your expectations and our high IVF success rate.

At Fertility Center Cancun, we are specialists in providing warm and caring treatments, give us the opportunity to serve you in the manner that you deserve.

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