Understanding infertility

What is it?

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Is a reproductive condition defined as the uncapability of achieving a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more sustaining non protected sexual intercourse. (World Health Organization)

Evaluation, diagnose and treatment

During a long period of time it was considered merely a women’s condition and is proven that is not solely on the female side. Infertility is a condition that affects as well men and women, approximately one in six couples unsuccessfully reproduce. It is very important, due to the variety of causes, to perform a thorough check up to the couple to determine which are the factors that hold back the couples to achieve the most precious realization dream of the human being. It is recommendable to take action as women’s, as well men’s reproductive period, is brief.

In men, the motile and health concentration of spermatozoa considerability diminishes after the 40’s. At this age, been young and highly productive still, the possibility of losing the reproductive effectivity is unimaginable, which makes the lack of knowledge regarding this situation, is alarming.

In this modern world where we try to plan everything and in most cases is viable, couples determine to have a ‘waiting period’ in which they provide themselves with brith control methods with the single objetive to achieve an optimal status of economical and emotional stability in order for them to be ready for their first child; supposely to put special attention and care for that matter, but in all cases, they tend to forget that humans have a biological clock ticking and is quite accurate. Eggs have a limited life as well and the probabilities of procreating are low. To even think that women are always ‘on time’ to get pregnant, instead of having the proper help from their infertility professionals, is always a mistake.

Infertility can be primary if pregnancy has never been achieved and secondary if the couple has children already but have difficulties to achieve another pregnancy. Other causes for male infertility are usually testicular alterations, erectile dysfunction, seminal conducts obstruction, amongst others. Women are affected by alterations on the menstrual cycle, reduced or null ovarian reserve, abnormal uterus or tubes, endometriosis; as well, both women and men are affected by stress, smoking, even excess of caffeine and chocolate, tea and soda are main factors that affect negatively obstaculizing their fertility.

Each infertility case requires a specific and personalized treatment. Nowadays, assisted reproduction treatments as in vitro Fertilization, known as well IVF or the Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection or ICSI, egg donation (just to mention a few), are successful ways to achieve ppregnancy in most infertility cases.

In Fertility Center Cancun we know that each case is unique so we are committed to help you achieve your Family dream come true.

Beginning of your treatment

Once your specialist has all your necessary information a fertility treatment will be determined as well as the medications that you will use. If needed, a sperm analysis will allow us to evaluate the sperm concentration and detect possible abnormalities.

How much does an assisted reproduction treatment costs?

As the consultation comes to an end, our medical consultants will provide the corresponding budget plan with the reproduction method that best suits you, as well as, the medication plan and any further analysis that is required for each particular case.