Sperm donation

Become a part of this great labor

Dream of becoming Parents

With your gesture you are helping a couple to achieve their dream of becoming Parents.

Sperm donation is an altruist and voluntary labor, through which, women without couple, that foresee to become mothers and men who for many different reasons have great difficulties to conceive, can both make their dreams come true through your help.

Why donate in Fertility Center Cancun?

Because we are the best fertility center option in Southeast Mexico. You will be assisted by highly qualified scientists, from whom you will receive nice and polite attention in our topmost equipped facilities, which will provide a private and comfortable atmosphere.
This process is conducted in a transparent and confidential mode, we will give you all the information you ask for, so you will make completely informed decisions in each part of the quite easy process to become a donor and be able to help the people that are in need.

Requirements to Become a donor

  • Being between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Physical and Psychological Healthiness.
  • Corporal Mass Index (CMI) between 20 and 24.
  • Not being bearer of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Sperm Donator

Do you have any questions? We help you to clarify them.

Frequently Asked Questions about sperm donation.

Sperm samples are obtained through masturbation; in Fertility Center Cancun, we have proper rooms with all the privacy and accommodations that you need.

The recipients will take care of all procedure expenses.

You can be a donor as long as you fulfill the requirements that credit you as a valid donor. The Law establishes that it is only allowed for a donor to “conceive” up to 10 children with different recipients, once this limit is reached, remaining samples must be destroyed.

Unfortunately not all men fulfill the requirements. Initially we must perform a detailed evaluation of the sperm through a microscope, to check the quantity, speed and morphology of the spermatozoids; a week later the procedure is repeated and if they are fit they are summoned to freezing and unfreezing techniques to evaluate the overall freezing survival.
No, sperm donation is completely anonymous and confidential; the donor will never meet neither with the baby nor with the recipient parents either.
The process may be different in each donation center, some can take from 7-8 weeks up to 3 months. In Fertility Center we try to be flexible and adapt to each particular donor situation.
Yes, it is mandatory that you sign a document in which both anonymity and information protection law are explained. In this document you also quit to all legal rights and obligations over any baby conceived through your donation.